Nicole Leidenfrost From Germany Brightens Up a Chilly Night at Marbella’s Kasser Rassu Gallery.

Up-and-coming young artist Nicole Leidenfrost from Germany exhibits some of her very colourful works of Art at the Marbella Gallery

Already gathering an impressive portfolio, Nicole has enjoyed painting and drawing since her early childhood days, and has been pursuing it as her profession and passion ever since.

Recognized by some of the most well-known collectors as an artist to be watched, Nicole’s work has already been included in prestigious collections, and shown all over the world from Germany to China.

She has a solid academic education and is continually advancing her artistic skills. Artistically Nicole is going her very own way, portraying people in positive and fun situations.

Nicole, on her way as an artist, is being recognized on the international art scene, has won several scholarships and is being promoted through a multitude of galleries.”


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