Ocean Club Marbella Opens With Big Men and Small Balls

Those of you with filthy minds will of course have read my headline all wrong, I was of course referring to the giant robotic men stomping around the Ocean Club pool filled with ping pong balls (shame on you)

Big Men at The Ocean Club Opening

Big Men at The Ocean Club Opening

And how many ping pong balls does it take to cover the surface of Ocean Club’s Olympic sized pool? Well I can tell you it’s over 400,000, now that’s a lot of balls. And it’s balls you need if you want to organize a party as big as this, which I am glad to add the Ocean Club are the true masters, even if the weather is always against them.

Yes once more, Thierry and his crew angered the Marbella weather Gods and had to bring out the tents and marquees to cover their thousand plus white attired revelers. I suggest the Ocean Club plan a party in the driest part of Africa and sure enough the rains would come, something Sr Geldof might think about if he were to plan another Live Aid. The next day of course the sun shone and it will be blue skies till the closing party, another traditionally damp but amazing event.

Syncronized swimmers doing their “thang” amongst the ping pong balls, some scantily clad space chicks complete with ray guns and Madonna-esque cone bras completed the scene.

With Bank Holiday just around the corner and the real season about to start, the Ocean Club will be filled to the gunwhales till the end of summer with some of the UK’S finest holidaymakers.

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