Puerto Banus, Marbella, Not Everything is Black and White Here.

Black and White is of course the new super trendy cafe/restaurant under the tower in the glitzy end of Puerto Banus.

Marbella’s press gang headed down to the newest eaterie in the Port to try some of the Black and White food offerings and cocktails.

Not being a great top shelf man I opted for the classic bottle of Green (Heineken to those of you unfamiliar to what my left hand is really for) and left the Passion Fruit Fizz to the more dainty of my fellow scribes.

Puerto Banus has been long known for it’s incredibly high prices ( 20 bucks for a plain old Pizza just down the quay) and to be fair, pretty appalling service… well hurrah I say, not at Black and White mateys.

Here you will find simply excellent food, served by equally excellent wait persons ( I think that’s the PC way ) from classic Italian to fantastic Oriental Wokery.

Stainless steel, clean white and  black are the order of decoration, highlighted by many a sporting photo, memorabilia, even a whole, yes a whole Formula BMW Racing car from the petrol heads at Guarnieri

Anyway enough from me, go try it, save yourself a mint and know that only one thing in Puerto Banus is truly Black and White.

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