Sardines at El Rincon de La Sala, San Pedro, Marbella

Sardines at El Rincon de La Sala, San Pedro, Marbella

Unlike the children’s game of Sardines, where one person hides while the remainder all count to a specified number, and once this number is reached and the remaining people spread out, in search of the person who has hidden, and as each one finds the hider, he or she must join them in the hiding place, and eventually the hiding place is likely to become obvious because of the number of hiding players, well the Rincon de la Sala opening was a new game where everybody in the world all hid in the same bar in San Pedro and there was nobody looking for them.

But seriously… I like El Rincon, not a lot that night as I have explained. If I can’t get my beer of choice within ten minutes the brownie points are slipping away. I stopped being crammed into one room when I stopped my clubbing days.

Its not a large bar/restaurant but certainly well designed as are all the others (well done Mr Murphy) and without a shadow of doubt will be equally as successful as the others in the long growing chain that is the Sala Group, now the second biggest employer in Marbella.

As would be expected, although it would seem that only marbella-eye managed to pick up on the point, celebrity football managers and players, many of them partners in the Sala Group phenomenon were on hand to soak up the the Rincon atmosphere, namely Tottenham Hotspurs boys past and present including my good pal David Bentley and his lovely wife Kim, St Alban’s favorite son, Tim Sherwood, ex Spurs Managers David Pleat and George (I’m going to work for the Gooners) Graham, Ian Harte (Reading Town), Luke Chambers (Ipswich Town) plus the nicest man to play for the “Scummers”, Michael Brown, Leeds Utd to you non footie boys and girls, (remember Billy Bremner, RIP, but still the dirtiest player I ever saw) Also a very fleeting visit by our Mayoress, Angeles Muñoz, clearly someone else who stopped, as I, playing Sardines.

Anyway back to the bar…if you live in San Pedro as I do, or even wish to run the gauntlet of the Guardia Civil and drive from Marbella or Estepona, then this venue is well worth a visit for a scoop of ale or a nice glass of wine, the food is also of an incredibly high quality for a group so large, you know the old adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix, it i.e dont expand if you can’t handle it, well like some of the great successful companies of the world, the Sala Group seems to have got the recipe just right, and they are not advertisers so don’t think I am bigging them up for the yankee dollar, they really do have it right, damn them.

Hopefully this will ensure that my next Heineken comes to me in under two minutes, but if not I stand by my words El Rincon de la Sala, is a welcome addition to the Marbella scene.

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