Silver Poodle Steals The Show at Red Penguin Marbella

Silver Poodle Steals The Show at Red Penguin Marbella

Red Penguin Art gallery

Yes folks the amazing Joseph Klibansky revealed two unique sculptures to celebrate The Red Penguin’s first anniversary.

The 28 year old Dutch artist, all ready a firm favorite at Sothebys, exhibited his work for only 48 hours. The silver poodle, Beautiful Tomorrow, is in fact cast in white bronze and I have to say a work of pure excitement and joy.

Although the pooch is now winging it’s canine way around the globe, there is lots more to enjoy at the Red Penguin Galley, which you will find on the top floor of El Corte Ingles by the copper tower in Marbella.

One of the nice things about going to art events here in Marbella is the diversity of the art, from the simply amazing to the down right dreadful, not that the Red Penguin can be accused of showing anything dreadful, and also it brings out a better quality guest.

Hurrah for the Marbella Art scene and Hurrah for the Red Penguin I say.

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