Sofie meets Gary Scissorhands from Hairworx!

There is a new salon in town called Hairworx. It’s just opposite the H10 Hotel by the Casino in Nueva Andalucia (Puerto Banus).

Marbella Eye attended the opening of the salon about 10 days ago and promised then to come back to try it out. One reason for trying Hairworx out is because hairdresser Gary Shaw, has a very good reputation and has cut some of Marbellas most important people, but also because the prices seemed too good to be true.We just had to check out if the quality outdid the prices..

And as promised I went to try it out…

I have Nordic hair but a lot of hair. All the hairs are very fine, dead straight and break easily, therefore it’s hard for me to keep up with all the flowing blond manes in Marbella. I need something that makes me stick out, without a lot of hair.

The main hair stylist of Hairworkx is Gary Shaw with an extensive experience and trained by Vidal Sassoon. When talking to Gary I understood that he had an amazing passion for his work and that he immediately could see on my facial structure what kind of hair cut would suit me. I agreed to everything he said about me, my lifestyle, my facial and hair structure and felt very safe in his hands, so I told him that I would let him do what he wanted with my hair. Gary said I have the perfect hair quality for a bob haircut. So in cooperation with his colour specialist Julija Gurcka, Gary got to work!

And this is what happened!

This is how I looked after:

Hair: Gary “Scissorhands” Shaw
Colour: Julija Gurcka
Photography: Johnny Gates
Model: Sofie

Was it too good to be true? You judge for yourselves… But I think it was one of those exceptions where something actually isn’t to good to be true… It is truly excellent!

I will be coming back, again and again!!

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