Sting in Marbella a True Honour Indeed

Sting in Marbella a True Honour Indeed


I saw a legend once but I was too young to really appreciate what I saw.

It was Neil Young I saw, at the age of 17 due to being dragged there by one of my older cousins. He said: “this is going to shape the rest of your life, so pay attention as you are about to see something spectacular”.

And true enough after that moment, I discovered one of the greatest artist in the world. It’s the same with Sting, although since I now hopefully have a little more depth, I do understand that I am one of the luckiest people in existence. Honestly that is how I feel. In my early twenties the music of Sting and the Police was the kind of stuff that shaped my youth and yesterday evening I had the honour to see him. And he came to my town, Marbella. And he played many of the old songs from the Police too. And then he actually just wondered around the Puente Romano Hotel complex and had dinner in the Namazake restaurant. (Reported to me by my friend who sat right next to him!) It’s like being close to a force that enters into you and fills you with light. Johnny Gates cried when he played Desert Rose. So there you have it!

I am not going to go into the logistics of the concert. Everyone knows who it was and they know the music of Sting. The content of this story is that he was here and if you missed it, you are at a great loss.

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