Suite du Ciel and Namazake Restaurant in Marbella

Once upon an Easter time there was a rainy windy night in Marbella.

Several parties were cancelled and there was not a soul in town.

Were are all the people? The town is filled with Madrileños but no-one is to be seen anywhere.  Our last stop was the launch of the new court yard area in the Suite “Suite du Ciel” and their new Japanese restaurant Namazake. It didn’t take long until we realised where everybody was!

In the Suite… Naturally!!

The parking was literally filled with cars and we had to push our way down through the crowd to see the new restaurant and the newly designed inner court yard in the Suite. Organisers Zoe Marmentini and Tara Lorimer should be very proud of their accomplishment, as basically all other places in town were empty. So the conclusion to draw from this is: “THE SUITE IS THE BEST PLACE IN MARBELLA” there’s no two ways about that! Pure and simple!

Talking to owner Daniel Shamoun, he stated that he might keep the festival canvas as a ceiling for the terrace during the following months too. That makes the court yard an excellent place to sit out even if there is rain. As always with the Suite they throw a good party, free drinks for everyone, canapés, entertainment and a relaxed chill out vibe.

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