Suite Opens for the Winter Season

Suite Opens for the Winter Season, so ok the Winters not here yet but if you are a Suite fan then the Winter starts here.

September in Marbella has always been my favorite month, the hoards of non tipping Madrileños have left (leaving us much safer on the roads by the way), the stifling heat has abated just enough to make a good nights sleep possible and of course its time to open up my favorite haunt, the home of Heineken(just kidding) the Suite Restaurant and Club.

Decked out like a Marakech Mansion, Suite is by far the best Club on the South coast of Spain, where, if you wish you may dine Moroccan style till midnight and watch as the restaurant slowly morphs into the amazing club it is.

Apart from the odd high class hooker (every club has one, don’t be shocked) the clientele are by far the nicest you will find in Marbella clubland (the TOWIE lot don’t know about it, hurrah) and the music wont dislodge your dentures or make your new hip begin to melt.

All in all I say Thank God its September, we have our Town back, our roads back and best of all we have our Suite back.

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