Talk Radio Europe Celebrate Christmas In Style

Talk Radio Europe Celebrate Christmas In Style

Talk Radio Europe’s presenters and back room boys and girls celebrated their Christmas bash  with a sumptuous traditional lunch at Restaurante Nueva Campana this week.

Talk Radio Europe

The food of course was excellent, with Turkey slices thicker than a lumberjacks arm and Christmas pud to make Dickens weep, I always think of Charles Dickens when I see a good Christmas Pudding for some reason.

Speeches were made, tears were shed, mobiles went missing, crackers were cracked, wine was spilled and a Partridge in a Pear Tree, all part of a good TRE Christmas Bash that had me in dark glasses for most of the next day.

Talk Radio Europe broadcasts to the English speaking communities on the Costas of southern Spain with a range of first class talk programmes, and a judicious mix of music, all matching the eclectic and sophisticated tastes of their listeners. TRE is able to present a wide variety of programmes and interview a huge range of interesting guests from around the world. TRE Christmas

The station has been featured on numerous British factual TV shows and maintains a long-standing association with the British and Foreign press working closely with the BBC, ITV, SKY and RTE (Ireland). In addition to live programming both on FM and the internet, a huge range of our programmes are available on the LISTEN AGAIN function and everything in the past seven days is ON DEMAND.  Talk Radio Europe is your voice in Spain on FM radio and your voice in Europe on the internet.

Talk Radio Europe supports charitable and community work and is the chosen medium for information broadcast on behalf of the Junta de Andalucia, regional Town Halls, the British Consulate and many other official bodies wishing to communicate with the expatriate communities in southern Spain.



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