Tempora, Old Town, Marbella

Tempora, Old Town, Marbella

Tempora is a cozy little restaurant in Marbella’s Old Town which opened in June. The name means products of the season in Spanish and this sums up their philosophy to cook with seasonal, fresh ingredients to produce the best food possible.

Both the owner Andrés Perdiguero and the young Chef Abraham Garrote Costa are committed to their mantra “Always Seasonal, Always Fresh”. They go to the market each day on the search for the best ingredients for their innovative amuse bouches, daily specials and unusual menu where the produce is the star.

Andrés explains why he uses seasonal, fresh and where possible locally sourced ingredients in the restaurant. “Cooking with the seasons is a challenge but you are repaid with produce with unrivaled
flavour, colour and texture. We are inspired by the start of each season and our menu develops accordingly throughout the year.

Andalucia produces some of the best fruit, vegetables, olive oil and pork products, so we should take full advantage of these local delicacies rather than flying in produce from around the world. It’s more environmentally friendly, supports our local community and gives you ingredients with the best taste.”

As well as using seasonal ingredients they are making a brave choice to do something different which gives the diner real gastronomy, using superb ingredients and demonstrating stunning presentation but without the high prices.

They have decided to avoid the normal Spanish or tourist fare and are taking a gamble by developing an unfamiliar menu with lots of unusual ingredients and flavours.

Signature dishes which reflect their creativity and flair include Sautéed Prawns, on crispy apple rings with parmesan cheese fondue and Sticky Iberian Pork confit in paprika oil.

Tempora, Calle Tetuán 9 (Casco Antiguo), 29601 Marbella. Tel 952 85 79 33

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