The Secret is a Fisker Karma!

I never read the book “The Secret” but I understand the concept of it. It goes hand in hand with all that has become a universal higher awareness of spiritual and environmental progression.


It’s the story of what comes around goes around… Basically what you give out in this world is what you get back. If you wish good things for yourselves and other people, good things come to you…

It’s all about Karma!

When I met Henrik Fisker in the Luxury Weekend in Marbella, in the beginning of the summer, we discussed how some parts of the world were more ecologically aware than others. For example both Henrik and I are from Scandinavia originally and there, already 25 years ago we started recycling all our household garbage, using geothermal heating, water and wind powered electricity and other alternative ways of creating energy. Today the recycling business is a multi million enterprise and with this as a basis it’s not difficult to understand that Fisker asked himself “What if” I create a luxury environmentally friendly car that add class to alternative fueled vehicles?  From that thought the Fisker Karma was created.

How to be truly green.

Without compromising on anything the Fisker Automotive group wanted not only the finished car environmentally friendly. No, the whole process to get the car produced, from sourcing the material to developing the technology has all gone down the green path. The philosophy of Karma is running like a red thread throughout the company. You make your own destiny in this world and for Fisker Automotive it’s to be  environmentally responsible where everything you do has a meaning.

Ask and it shall be given.

I asked if I could test drive the car and it was given.. (You see how the secret works!) The first thing I noticed apart from the obvious ferocious sexy but yet subtle design that stands year after year both inside and outside the car, was when Mario Guarnieri started it for me. It was as if the car was alive (I might take this too far as Karma goes, but still…) it sounded like when you go to a concert and they start the synthesizer up and it makes a sort of dull Sci-Fi sound, almost like in Night Rider or when Luke Skywalker rides his land speeder.  Then it’s quiet. It was hard to know if the car was turned on or not, but I certainly was! I drove off from Marbella, up towards a village called Monda in the mountains. The road up there is wide enough and has plenty of curves to try the handling. I was really excited as I love the idea of being able to put the “pedal to the metal” without having to worry about the car using up gallons of petrol and polluting the nature around me. And that is exactly what I did!karma-18

Driving in different styles.

When I picked my car up in Guarnieri Concessionary in San Pedro outside Marbella I drove through town in Stealth Mode, where the car is silent as a mouse and all electric. You can drive up to 80 km without having to charge the battery, that is more than an average person does a day. Then there is no carbon emission and no gas used what so ever. The car is strong and responsive in Stelth Mode but I needed see what it would do in Sport Mode, whilst climbing the hill up to Monda. The car has a totally electrical engine that is connected to a generator. When you put it into Sport Mode, the generator gives a boost to the 315- cell lithium ion battery that delivers rocket power to your accelerator.That in combination with independent racing suspension and Formula 1 Brembo brakes makes the car fast as an arrow and safe at the same time. If you want, you also have the option of using flappy paddles just as in a real race car. I went from Marbella to Monda in about 6 minutes. For most people, the climb takes about 10-15 minutes if they are driving reasonably fast. I didn’t have to slow down for the curves, as my Fisker Karma stuck to the tarmac as if it was on rails. Ok I know it’s not to recommend to be breaking the speed limit but when you are in the flow of the Karma you feel protected and untouchable.

In the command centre.

Many of the luxury cars have a dashboard that reminds you of being inside a Boeing 747. The Karma isn’t like that. Everything is thought through and practical but yet stylish. The touch screen command centre controls everything from audio to the climate control to the navigation. So you have one screen to control everything, hardly any buttons at all and just simplicity in motion. The Karma is equipped with a highly exclusive sound system too and since the car doesn’t make a pip itself it’s obvious that the sound has to be top notch. I compare it to something like Bang & Olufsen to give you an idea of the purity. The sound mixed with the luxury interiors simple design and comfortable seats puts you at risk of serious withdrawal symptoms when you step away from your Fisker Karma. Be warned!


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