The Third Marbella Club Spring Games 2012

Marbella 20th of April… Do not miss the third Marbella Club Spring Games!

In the sixties Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, founder of the Marbella Club Hotel, had the idea to organise a sporting event to promote Marbella. An idea that never came to life until two years ago.

His dream came through in 2010 with help of his nephew Pablo Hoenlohe who took the initiative to organise Marbella Club Spring Games, where the contestants compete in six different sports in one day. The day starts with an early breakfast in the Marbella Club Hotel from which the contestants take their courtesy cars sponsored by Guarineri Consecionarios, Centro Porsche Malaga, to drive to the different locations. This year the participants will compete in polo, go-carting, golf, clay pigeon shooting, paddle and water skiing.

If you decide to enter the Marbella Club Spring Games you will keep your participant number forever and the honour that goes with it! Don’t miss seeing the 24 contestants of the 2012 Marbella Club Spring Games compete in this prestigious event and at the same time gather funds for The Sports and Challenge Foundation to help people with disabilities. This years winnings will go to a summer camp for children and the event itself (in which the contestants push themselves to the limit) sheds light on the motto of the charity which is “If I can do this, I can do anything”!

Let the Marbella Club Spring Games be a reminder of what one person can achieve as inspiration to everyone!

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