Wine Recommendation: Château de Laubade NV Bas Armagnac XO

Château de Laubade was founded in 1870 in the heart of Gascony.

Laubade Armagnac Bottle

The traditional blends of Château de Laubade are exclusively the result of the property’s grapes and are entirely made of the 4 grape varieties: Ugni-Blanc, Baco, Colombard and Folle Blanche.

Château de Laubade XO is made from the assemblage of many different brandies, the youngest one being 12 years old. This Bas-Armagnac is aged three times longer than usual. The majority grape varieties, Ugni-Blanc and Colombard, give an unequalled smoothness and elegance to the brandy. The amber colour is strong, bright, and with strong viscosity. The nose is intense and develops aromas of jasmine flower, candied

fruit, vanilla, and finally with notes of cinnamon. The brandy’s taste is round, velvety, complex. The brandy is characterized by its great elegance and its perfumes’ harmony. The aromatic persistence is longer than 10 minutes.

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