Zozoi, Marbella, A True Foodie Magnet

Nestled in the heart of the Old Town of Marbella, Zozoi, magnetic foodie charm at it’s best.

Nestled in the heart of the Marbella Old Town Zozoi, Marbella a true foodie magnet

Anti Pasti at Zozoi Marbella

Anti Pasti at Zozoi Marbella

Now as a trained chef and confirmed wine addict (not wino, now that’s something completely different) I am an extremely hard man to please and sadly a lot of restaurants in Marbella fail to excite me on so many levels.

This brings me to Zozoi in the Old Town of Marbella. Superlative on all levels. Great food. Great wine and the kind of service normally reserved for only the finest Michelin establishments.

Talking of Michelin restaurants. I will never be impressed with a 40€ bowl of Tomato Soup that took four chefs to prepare and is gone in two shlurps, leaving me to look for the closest kebab shop, to stave of the hunger pangs. Or having paid a fortune for my 2 ounce slice of Kobe Beef with not enough sauce to drown an ant.

Time and time again I find myself wandering through the Old Town of Marbella in search of new culinary delights, only to rest my weary and hungry arse in the cosy confines of the walled patio of Zozoi Marbella. There I know the wine will be fine, the flavours fantastic, and I wont be left with a bill that could finance the USA’s next military march into the Middle East.

Zozoi Marbella

You don’t have to go to Japan to enjoy good sushi

Belgian owned and run means of course, that the Moules Marinere are of the finest quality, as are the obligatory fries. And that’s just to graze on whilst you choose between simply the best tuna tartar or smoked venison carpacchio to start your evening. The tempura prawns, anti pasti and sushi also come highly recommended.

Sea Bass, one of my favorite fish can be found whole or “slightly wild”. I’m not quite sure what that means… But I had it this evening and and it seemed quite happy with its lot, lying on my plate with some creamed spinach, baby carrots and asparagus.

I don’t really do steak these days, purely on a health thing but, this evening I asked my neighboring diners, from Aberdeenshire (and if they don’t know what good beef is, nobody does), how their filet steaks were and they told me they had it here last night too… Enough said.

I have said many times, never spoil a good meal with a cheap wine and never ruin a good wine with poor food. Well, not all cheap wine is poor wine and not all expensive food is good food. You will have no problems here. I have tried all the wines and every thing on the menu apart from the deep fried Courgette flowers. And in any combination my two rules will remain unbroken.

The wine list at Zozoi has a great cross section of wines to suit all tastes and budgets. From the crispest  Albariños, (and if you haven’t had a bottle of this most amazing of of Northen Spanish wines then you truly have missed out), to France with it’s Sancerre, Bordeaux and Pouilly Fusse.  Pino Grigio from Italy and my personal favorites from Ribera del Duero, to the most amazing Sauvignon Blanc from Malborough Estates. The Kiwis don’t just play rugby you know…

Kim Crawford Malborough Estates Sauvignon Blanc

Malborough Estates at it’s best

So as the season slows down and the flocks of tourists thin out, now is the time to make friends with Zozoi. Dine well, wine well and still have change for the taxi home. If you drive home you are either teetotal, the designated driver or your just plain boring, in which case there’s a great kebab house just around the corner…

Zozoï Restaurant is located in the Old Town of Marbella, just off Plaza Altamirano, a few blocks away from the Main Church Square.

Convenient parking: Either on Calle Muro to the East, under the Parque Alameda to the South, or right off Orange Square to the North West.

Zozoi is open all year, and you really should book . Please submit a request using the Reservations Request box on our contact page or call +34 952 85 88 68.

Open everyday, 19:00 until 24:00.



Zozoi, Marbella, A True Foodie Magnet Johnny Gates




Summary: Zozoi, magnetic foodie charm at it's best.



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